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Buy fake money. The counterfeit banknotes of our production are mainly dollars and euros with a face value of $ 100 / €.  Our main site =>

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Buy fake money Counterfeit money sticks together from two separately printed halves. Watermarks are printed on the inside of the halves.
For example, we demonstrate the performance of pasted up counterfeit money on bank detectors.

As a standard, we practice the mass production of counterfeit $ 100 and € 100 banknotes for ATMs.

Buy Fake money is printed on ultra-thin cotton paper soaked in a special solution that does not glow in ultraviolet light. The video shows a comparison of our paper with ordinary paper.

Instead of telling you in words about the quality of our products, we filmed video reviews demonstrating the fact that our counterfeit banknotes were fake and work.
As you can see in the video demonstration, this is really fake money made in our printing house.

Our counterfeit notes are printed on two halves and glued together. Their resemblance to the original is completely identical.

Only an experienced specialist in a bank can distinguish a fake, while any ATM accepts our fake banknotes without fail as real money. In the video demonstrations, we show the validity of our counterfeit money on the detectors of leading manufacturers of banking equipment.

We always have a large supply of finished products of counterfeit banknotes. We specialize in large denominated Dollars and Euros and ship goods worldwide with transport companies.

Our service sells counterfeit money only in bulk. We are not interested in selling goods in small retail. For this reason, check out our minimum wholesale offer.

The price of one banknote = 20% of the face value of the banknote.

The minimum wholesale lot of fake dollars costs $ 20,000 => the volume of this lot is $ 100,000

The minimum wholesale lot of fake euros costs 20.000 € => the volume of this lot is 100.000 €

There is also a fixed price for the delivery of goods = + $ 500 | + 500 €

As a rule, this $ 500 / € is enough to pay for the services of a transport company + for the salary expenses of our people, who ship according to their fake documents.

If you need bank cards issued to other people, then we are ready to provide you with cards of offshore banking systems Advanced Cash or Payeer for an additional fee.

Price of one ready-to-use card = $ 300
We do not sell bank cards separately. You can order bank cards only TOGETHER with a minimal batch of our fake banknotes.

All our video reviews are signed by our contact e-mail confirming that the video demonstration of our product was actually shot by us. To contact us, you can write to any mail from the video review.

We provide faster contacts for communication, such as a messenger, but we recommend that you write to us by e-mail before payment so that you can make sure that you are talking with us.

Advance payment of 100%. Payment using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

We do not accept any other conditions except those that we have designated. There are no other ways and options to receive our goods without 100% prepayment via Bitcoin.

We ignore any requests, requirements and conditions that are not related to our specific offer. No need to waste our time if you are not satisfied with our terms of sale. They will not change under any circumstances.


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